to whom it concerns

139,00 €

Finally it’s here! The swim trunk dream of every Berlin-hipster. Rainbowpucking unicorn on blue. Dear Cutester Yolo! Swag! Get that thing and drive your Fixie to Soho-House or to the lake and enjoy your Organic-Goji-Berry-Macadamianut-Latte. 

This the Dude collection shorts is part of our Orange Label Initiative. Parts of the sales price will be donated to the Ocean Cleanup Programm, that is initiating the largest ocean cleanup in history, to clear the oceans of plastic waste

Handmade from the finest, fast-drying premium material. Highest quality, perfect workmanship quality.

Limited, one-time editions. Not everyone can wear a SUNDAZE.

To ensure the perfect fit, here are a few little tips for the right size determination:

You are between 1,68m-1,85m, you are naturally thin or athletic, and prefer the slimcut? Then we advise you to choose size S.
You are between 1.75m-1.90m, normal to strongly build or do like the more casual style? Then choose size M.
You are over 1,85m tall and of average build? Then L is the right decision.
You are a fucking massive guy? Choose XL.